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Karus Chains

Rhodium Plated Curb Chain 3.7mm 925 Sterling Silver

$72.00 $60.00

Rhodium Plated Curb Chain 3.7mm 925 Sterling Silver(2)
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Rhodium Plated Curb Chain 3.7mm 925 Sterling Silver(2) Rhodium Plated Curb Chain 3.7mm 925 Sterling Silver(2) chain lengths chart Rhodium Plated Curb Chain 3.7mm 925 Sterling Silver

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Karus Chains

Rhodium Plated Curb Chain 3.7mm 925 Sterling Silver

$72.00 $60.00

  • Gleaming 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Curb Chain
  • 3.7mm in width
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Presentation Box

Silver chains for men are becoming more popular than ever and it’s easy to see why. Silver is a great color for any accessory as it complements most shades. Therefore, if you have an extensive wardrobe and you’re looking for something special that will go with a wide variety of your clothes, you need to think about a silver chain. From our range of silver chains for men, this is a particular favorite.

This is a chain that will complement almost anything. The piece is designed in a classic curb style. The curb design is simple yet sophisticated, it is a design that gets attention without ever trying and that in itself is a true sign of a classic piece of jewelry. The chain is rhodium plated with a gleaming 925 sterling silver. It comes in at 3.7mm in width and is secured with a traditional lobster clasp.

As with all of our silver chains for men, it will be delivered to you in a refined presentation box.

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What is the difference between 10k gold chains and 14k gold chains?

Gold is alloyed with another metal in order to make it more durable and affordable.

·         14-karat (14k) is 58.3% pure gold

·         10-karat (10k) is 42% pure gold


How do I choose the right chain length?

Every product page on our website has a graphic of a mannequin displaying the different chain lengths.

Standard classic gold chains for men come in a wide variety of lengths, from 16” all the way up to 30”. As with chain width, you can get longer chains and the length that you decide on depends on your own sense of style.

·         16” and 18″– These are good sizes for a teenager as they might be a bit tight for an adult.

·         20″– A 20" chain is usually worn under a shirt and reaches down between the first and second button. 

·         22″– This is the mid-range chain and is very versatile. It can be worn under or over the shirt and reaches down to just below the second button of a shirt.

·         24″– Due to the length of this chain it is generally worn outside of the shirt and extends as far as the middle of the sternum.

·         30″– This is the longest standard-size chain and is usually worn outside of the shirt.


How do I choose the right chain width?

One of the biggest issues that our customers have is visualizing chain width. In order to show you the fantastic detail on each chain, the photos on our website are close-ups so the chains may look wider when you’re viewing them online. For this reason we have a graphic accompanying each chain that shows the width of that particular chain. But we also recommend that you refer to a ruler or measuring tape before you purchase so you can visualize what 1mm or 5mm or 10mm actually looks like. If you have any questions, just send an email to our experts at info@karuschains.com


What are the different styles of gold chains for men?

There are up to a dozen popular styles of gold chains for men. The best-selling styles include: Figaro, Curb, Miami Cuban Link, and Mariner. For a more extensive list and description of each style, see Karus Chains Ultimate Guide on Silver and Gold Chains for Men


What are the different styles of silver chains for men?

The chain styles made in silver are identical to those made in gold. There are several popular designs. For a more extensive list and description of each style, see Karus Chains Ultimate Guide on Silver and Gold Chains for Men


How can I clean a gold chain?

Very easily- we have a blog post on this topic- just click here for more information.


How do I clean a silver chain?

Very easily- we have a blog post on this topic- just click here for more information.


What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a member of the platinum group. It is an extremely precious metal and can be up to ten times the cost of gold. It is not an ideal metal for making jewelry due to its brittle nature. However it works fantastically as a plating as it enhances the overall look of the chain by increasing its vibrancy. Rhodium is also resistant to corrosion and tarnish.


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All chains sold by Karus Chains are covered by a 3 month warranty. 

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